Advice Process

At Kuda Wealth we strive to ensure our advice is customised to you. We help you take the emotion out of your financial decisions and work with you over the long term to stick to your plans, create good money habits and help you achieve your life ambitions.

The advice process we follow is designed to get the best understanding of your current situation.  We take into consideration issues that are relevant to you on both a personal and business level.  By taking the time to fully understand all aspects of your life, we can provide you with the most accurate and personalised advice to meet your goals.

Many clients that we meet for the first time, may have a singular area of concern.  However, by taking the time to articulate how we can assist our clients, we often find that there are extra areas of concern, that clients were not aware we could assist them with.

We have enclosed an easy to navigate quick financial health check, for our clients to complete in order to get a deeper understanding of how we can assist them. 



The five minute financial health check is part of our initial understanding and discovery process.  Please click on each of the steps below for a deeper understanding of what you can expect from working with us.

Advice Fees

Initial discovery meeting

At this point there is no charge, as we would invest the time to find out what is important to you and how we can assist you.

Strategy discussion meeting

Depending on the complexity of your advice process, this fee is generally covered under the upfront advice fee and may be quoted separately depending on the complexity of your circumstances. These fees will be fully disclosed to you, prior to progressing from the discovery meeting.

Financial Plan Preparation

Depending on the complexity of advice required by you, your business or investment entities, our upfront advice fees range from $1,650 to $5,500 Inc GST.

This fee covers the research, analysis, in many cases the strategy discussion meeting and written recommendations to help you achieve your goals. Please note, these fees are inclusive of the implementation required to put in place the strategies contained within your statement of advice.

Once we have agreed and settled upon goals we wish to address, Michael and The Team at Kuda Wealth will commence the process of a financial plan.  In some instances multiple financial plans or statements of advice maybe required for each entity in receipt of the advice ie. Individuals, Companies and Trusts.

If your circumstances should be exceptionally complex, the upfront advice fee may vary from the above range, subject to negotiation prior to work commencing. 

In some instances, the advice and recommendations provided by Kuda Wealth may require the assistance from third party professionals, such as Accountants, Lawyers and Mortgage Brokers.  Their associated fees are not inclusive in our direct pricing.

Ongoing Management and Review Service

At Kuda Wealth we work under a tiered investment scale based upon your funds under management.

This fee is generally expressed as a percentage of your retirement/investment portfolio. Our fees are capped at 1.1% and 0.55% for administration management. This fee reduces under a sliding scale depending upon the total value of funds under management.

Our standard ongoing pricing is as follows:

  • $0 - $1Mil of collective funds under management = 1.1%
  • $1Mil - $2Mil of next million in funds under management = 0.88%
  • $2Mil - $3Mil of next million in funds under mangement = 0.66%
  • $3Mil - $5Mil of next million in funds under management = 0.44%
  • $5Mil+ by negotiation with a fee capping of $45,000 + GST

SMSF Administration Fees

  • Premium Administration Account - $275 (inc GST)
  • Establish SMSF (including Corporate Trustee) - $1,100 (inc GST)
  • Update Trustee Deed or change to Corporate Trustee - $330 (inc GST)

For more information regarding fees, please click here to view our Financial Services Guide (FSG).