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Currency for Life

by Michael Davie (Practice Principal)

We’re often asked what the Kuda Wealth tagline “Currency for Life” means. Our answer is simple; it’s about ensuring the right strategies are operating in cohesion with each other to support your personal goals, allowing you the financial freedom to spend your time with the people that matter most to you, the causes you’re passionate about and the activities which bring you joy.

Our strategic approach toward growth and management of clients’ financial resources provides clients with increased peace of mind, as they approach retirement and transition from earning money to preserving it. The wealth created through physical exertion over your working life requires the support of passive wealth-building strategies derived from successful investing to ensure your resources grow to sustain your lifestyle goals, once you step away from your role as the primary wealth generator.

Our strategic advice solutions, portfolio management and wealth preservation models harness the wealth you’ve worked hard to create, allowing it to do the heavy lifting as you switch your focus to enjoying the freedom and lifestyle rewards from a lifetime of effort. We see our role at Kuda Wealth as being critical in sustaining that “currency” for your life; the final runner in life’s wealth management relay. When the baton changes hands, the team at Kuda Wealth are clear about what is required to ensure your money continues working as hard as you did.

If we think of wealth creation in terms of life’s relay, the first couple of legs primarily rests with you, (albeit the earlier you seek advice, the easier it is to run those legs of your journey) as the primary wealth creation “tool”. Essentially, you are the driving force behind your quality of life in retirement, by taking advantage of any opportunities that may present themselves, leveraging and getting the most out of yourself both personally and professionally, ensuring you make the right decisions in relation to spending, debt management and wealth creation.

The last couple of legs in life’s relay are where the rubber really hits the road. The third leg focusses heavily on preparing for retirement, making sure that you are maximising financial strategies available to you and capitalising on your peak earning capacity. During this stage, the role of a financial planner is paramount as you navigate ever-changing legislative opportunities that allow you to take full advantage of your peak speed in life’s relay race.

The last and final leg is where you hand the reins over to your investment assets and other financial resources as you run down your last leg of life’s journey with a smile on your face, hopefully surrounded by your family and friends.

Now we know this may sound somewhat cliché as no two clients have the same goals and objectives for retirement. For some individuals, their joy comes from their occupation or giving back to the community. Others may prefer a series of “mini-retirements” where lifestyle goals and the work-life balance merge together, supplemented by investment growth and income.

Ultimately, the “currency for life” is a shared experience between exertion (the act of physically working to build, create and growing wealth) through traditional means such as employment, inheritance and enterprise, supported by good investment philosophy, sound portfolio management and the old adage of it “takes money to make money” approach. Kuda Wealth helps you maximise the wealth created through traditional means, whilst limiting the unnecessary expenses which can prematurely erode your wealth (such as taxation, fees and under-performing investments) to deliver a co-ordinated plan to match your lifestyle goals, whatever they may be.