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Top Websites

by Michael Davie

Market Index

Market Index is a financial portal for the Australia stock market. Get up to date ASX market analysis, share prices, charts and index performance data in an easy to digest format.


Yahoo Finance

Yahoo finance aggregates finance news from around the internet. It also allows you to purchase company reports. You can find charts, price quotes, information about competitor companies, earnings report and key ratios for free.


CNBC Markets

CNBC Markets provides up to date news about the global markets. In the news section, you can find listings of developments in the U.S. stock markets as well as for developments across Europe and Asia.


Forbes Money

Forbes Money is a leader in the finance and business world. Readers who are invested in topics such as investing, business and leadership call all find something that appeals to them. In addition to finance topics, Forbes also covers related financial areas.



Bloomberg is one of the best financial websites for market data. On its news section, you can choose from different categories by region, general financial information, industry and asset class. You can see the historical information for a queried stock, which is helpful in identifying how different types of news reports impact the performance of the stock.


Google Finance

Google Finance is one of the best financial sites because of its search functionality. You can find an abundance of information about price quotes, news, competitor companies, earnings reports and key ratios. Keep in mind that some news items are not in real-time.